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According to the instructions, Careprost solution is a means to cure hypotricosis of eyelashes. As a result of its application, the eyelashes reach the maximum possible length, become thicker and acquire a more saturated dark color. Careprost can also be used to grow eyebrows.

The main manifestations of hypotrichosis are slower growth of eyelashes, as well as a decrease in their number in comparison with the norm.

Cosmetic Careprost has a direct impact on the growth phase of the hair of the eyelids, which leads to an increase in the hair follicles, and accordingly the number of cilia. In addition, the period of their growth is extended.

This drug is intended for daily use by applying it on the base of the eyelashes at bedtime. However, please note that it is not necessary to apply Careprost on eyelashes growing on the lower eyelids, because the active substances contained in the preparation can accelerate hair growth outside the limits of treatment.

Already after 4 weeks of using Careprost, the first positive effect will be noticeable. In this case, the final result you can see in 12 – 16 weeks.

In no case can you use Careprost instead of mascara, because its main purpose is to treat thin, weak cilia. However, during the treatment period it is allowed to dye eyes with ordinary mascara throughout the day.

If you missed one of the application procedures, do not panic and apply a double dose at once, just continue to use it, as before, in accordance with the recommendations specified in the Careprost instructions.

If you stop applying Careprost on the eyelashes, it will not take 1-2 months, as they return to their original appearance.

In some cases, Careprost leads to such negative consequences as redness and itching of the skin of the eyes. Much less often the drug leads to darkening of the skin, redness of the eyelids, as well as increased dryness of the eyes. Moreover, if during the use of the drug you notice that you have become worse to see or have found any ophthalmological infectious disease, for example, conjunctivitis, you should not hesitate, immediately contact your doctor. After all, only a doctor can answer the question whether the ailment is caused by this drug, and whether it should be used in the future. If you have any of these side effects, call us necessarily.

First of all, during the application of the solution, it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations for use, which are described in detail in the instructions attached to Careprost. If you are taking any medications to increase eye pressure, consult your doctor before starting treatment with Kareprost. In addition, when using the drug, carefully wipe its excess when using a cotton swab, which will reduce the risk of activating hair growth in unwanted places. Also try to apply the product evenly, both on the right and left eyelids, because otherwise there may be some differences in the length and thickness of the eyelashes, which will disappear as soon as you stop using the product.

Yes. However, before using the product, the lens must be removed. In this case, you can put them back on after 20 minutes. after applying Careprost.

Since Careprost is an ophthalmologic preparation, in case of its contact with the eye shell, there is no need to rinse it with water, because this cosmetic is absolutely safe and cannot cause damage to the eye mucosa.

The main active ingredient of the drug is bimatoprost. Also included in the solution: benzalkonium chloride, water, sodium phosphate, citric acid. Moreover, to normalize the pH level, which is equal to 6.8-7.8, sodium hydroxide is added to Careprost.

Hyperpigmentation of the skin is a consequence of an increase in the melanin content, with the result that pronounced pigment spots appear on the skin. This phenomenon belongs to one of the side effects of the drug, which completely disappears after the cessation of its use.